Amit Drori
Theatre Director and Designer

His latest directing credits include Savanna – a possible landscape for Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne (2011),
an adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s Orlando for Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne (2009)
and Terminal, based on the life of Stephen Hawking for the Israel Festival and The Lab, Jerusalem (2006).

As a designer he worked on Geh mir aus der Sonne for director Ofira Henig and the co production of TAK, Lichtenstein, SPIELART Festival Munich and Zurich Festival.
Hacking Wagner for director Saar Magal and the Municher Bayerische Staatsoper (2012),
Black Rain for director Ofira Henig and the Herzlyia Ensemble Theatre and Haifa municipal Theatre, Israel Festival 2007 and the adaptation of Ida Fink’s The Table, directed by Naomi Yoeli in 2007. He has also designed puppets for productions such as Death sat next to me, directed by Mor Frank (2004) and Ori, directed by Ori Dromer (2002).

Drori graduated from the School of Visual Theatre in Jerusalem (2001)
since 2006 he is teaching there contemporary puppetry and image based theatre.
as a guest lecturer he is collaborating with the MA in Visual Literacy programme at Hakibuzim Academy, Tel Aviv and Shenkar college of engineering and design.

He has been a recipient of the Rozenblum Award for excellency in the performing arts (2012); Acre Festival awards for directing and design (2001, 2003); and has received grants from the America-Israel Foundation, the Jerusalem foundation, the Israeli Lottery Council, Rich Foundation, Nathan Cumings Foundation and the Rabinovitz Foundation.

“Israeli artist Amit Drori is a theatre director, designer, and maker of beautiful, moving objects. His stage work creates a theatrical universe based on the use of mechanical and robotic wood-crafted artifacts, live performers, video projections and open source technologies. His projects evolve through a long process in which theatrical imagery and human perception work together like a beautifully complex machine.”
Barbican, London. 2013

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